Early Beginnings

Other than aqueous, one of the oldest methods of cleaning was degreasing with organic solvents. This process is generally called vapor degreasing, even though vapor-only cleaning is the most elemental level of that genre.

An early expert in the degreasing industry, Robert O. “Lefty” Grunditz, used to begin presentations with the statement that vapor degreasing was a misnomer. He said that vapor never cleaned anything until the warm vapor condensed on the cooler part and had dissolved and flushed the soil away.

A good example of that process is a demonstration of the way that rain develops. Holding a cool plate over a stream kettle produced condensation when the steam contacted the plate and rain happened.

The type of parts to be degreased and the procedures to do so have changed drastically over the years. There are many new people in various industries who may not be aware of this evolution and may be able to better understand some of their present degreasing problems and their solutions by learning the history of vapor degreasing. An education about the origins may clarify the “best practices” nature of solvent degreasing as it is today.

In the 1930s, G.S. Blakeslee & Company entered a new phase of the cleaning/degreasing business by purchasing basic vapor degreasing patents from Germany and introduced a new organic solvent, trichloroethylene.

Solvent Evolution

A brief look at the solvent evolution may be helpful here. Trichloroethylene was the first extensively used chemical in the early years. Perchlorethylene and methylene chloride followed.

The lower boiling precision solvents such as chlorofluorocarbons and the trichlor substitute trichloroethane held center state until environmental regulations changed the picture again. Now the number and variety of chemicals vying for attention is enormous.


Our flagship product, Pure ZHO solvent, is a HaloAlklane based, phosphate-free, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, and non-flammable sub-medical grade solvent. By manipulating C-F bond of HaloAlklane Z Air discovered a compressed gas that is fully vanishing by complete evaporation and leaves no trace of any chemical compounds to the product it is degreasing.

solvent with such low Boiling Point (-57 C) helps complete evaporation while keeping high density (3.79 kg/M3 at 15 C), Pure ZHO will penetrate to all areas to remove any oil residue from the surface it is applied. Pure ZHO, due to its very low surface tension can penetrate the narrowest grooves and incisions to remove any impurities. The unique molecular structure of Pure ZHO guarantees compatibility with plant matters, and most plastics and metal surfaces. As an alternative to petroleum based products, Pure ZHO will provide higher performance and better safety for users with no adverse side effects to humans, animals, and plants.

Pure ZHO is liquefied gas that fully vanishes by complete evaporation, and non-flammable and non-toxic, suitable for substituting in place of chlorinated or petroleum based solvent solvent and it can be used on medical, mechanical maintenance (e.g. equipment degreasing, part cleaning, tool degreasing, component washing, etc).
PURE ZHO is designed as suitable closed loop system fuel.



Our second product, Organic MZ 12X is designed to provide heavier duty degreasing and it is formulated from Organic gas that is produced by nature. While it is still FLAMMABLE, its explosion point is much lower than that of a petroleum based solvent. Additionally, its fully vanishing CEP; “Complete Evaporating Point” is even lower than that of Pure ZHO and contains zero heavy metal, much like Pure ZHO.

Because Organic MZ 12X is natural gas refined 12 times, engineered to be stronger than Pure ZHO, it will remove any grease or oil particles from surfaces even more thoroughly. However, because of characteristic differences from its sister product, Pure ZHO (which locks oil substance with its low temperature liquefied gas) Organic MZ 12X will dissolve ALL oily substances from the surfaces and grooves.

In comparison, Organic MZ 12X will remove more greases and oily substance then Pure ZHO, but it is left as FLAMMABLE gas in order to preserve its characteristics and Organic origin.

Organic MZ 12X is biodegradable, safe to environment, harmless to any living human, animals, or plants and it will leave degreased surface odor free, color free, residue free, and heavy metal free and absolutely non-toxic.


We recommend all our products to be used with common caution

We recommend all our products to be used with common caution:
Use it in a well-ventilated area,
Avoid any oral consumption,
Avoid direct contact to human or animal skin due to its extremely low boiling point
Leave degreased surface over night before using it to carry any medical or food products.

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